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Plastic Rotomolded Furniture

In today's fast moving, high paced culture we live in requires chairs and seating that can stand up to the rigorous environments that surround us. In many settings such as classrooms, day cares, doctors offices and more- many of these pieces of furniture require superior durability and ability to be quickly and easily cleaned. Because of the rigors and stresses of the fast paced world we live in, more and more offices and companies are utilizing plastic furniture in effort to stand up the rigors of society.

Durable Plastic Furniture

Many offices and schools are looking to stretch their budgets further than ever before. Cloth-based furniture experiences a short lived functional lifespan in many high traffic areas such as office lobbys or schools. Couple messy spills and germ plagued hands and shoes and now the cloth based furniture is on a crash course for its demise. Today's growing concerns of germs and bacteria, plastic furniture is continuing to gain traction in the marketplace. Strong, durable polyethylene construction allows for the use of the furniture without the deterioration of standard cloth based pieces. Rotationally Molded Plastic Furniture also touts the ability to have special additives such as antimicrobial and anti-fungal additives molded into the parts to resist a number of viral and bacterial strains such as staphylococcus and streptococcus.

Bright Beautiful Colors!

One of the additional benefits of rotationally molded plastic furniture is that it can be molded in virtually any choice of colors! If volumes can justify, compounded colors are generally the best option for color consistency and ease of switching colors on the fly. If your volumes aren't large enough to justify the color compounding process, then dry blending can provide you the color option of your choosing. When a rotomolding company uses certified prime virgin materials and proper light stable pigments, you should have a colored rotationally molded piece of furniture for many years to come!


Plastic Furniture Features:

  • • Available in attractive decorative colors or finishes
  • • Durable rotationally molded construction
  • • Great for indoor and outdoor use!
  • • Can have antimicrobial and anti-fungal additive upgrades
  • • Long last functional use
  • • Easily cleaned!

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Rotomolded Plastic Furniture
Plastic Rotationally Molded Furniture, Plastic Rotomolded Furniture, Rotomoulded Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Rotationally Moulded Furniture
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