Water Mates
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Water Mates Truck Tanks

Water is possibly the single most important element of human existence. Many like to go camping, off-roading or off to various adventures that make drinking water not easily accessible.

As water is a necessity for us all and considering that potable water might not be easily available where your adventures may take you, Granger Plastics Company has made it possible to take your own supply of drinking water with you!

Water-Mate Low Profile Truck Tanks

Water Mates by Granger Plastics allows you to have peace of mind on any journey you may take! Water Mate tanks are manufactured from USDA/FDA approved food grade materials, which can hold up to 60 gallons of drinking water in the bed of your pick up truck! The low profile design of the water mates allow you to transport safe water to drink, cook or even wash with while still utilizing the bed of your truck.

The Water-Mates by Granger Plastics also allows the user the ability to gain traction by simply installing the Water-Mates into the bed of their pickup truck. This will provide up to 500 pounds of additional weight, distributed over the rear axle and providing a major increase in traction during inclement weather, such as snow, ice or rain. It can also be used for traction in loose surface conditions such as gravel and sand. Water Mate works as an off-road oasis and an All Weather Traction device for your truck!

Water Mate Sizes and Capacities

Size of Tanks Capacity in Gallons Pounds Added over Rear Axle
6 foot x 40” wide (set)
58 gallons
550 pounds total
6 foot x 48” wide (set)
66 gallons
610 pounds total
6.5 foot x 48” wide (set)
73 gallons
680 pounds total
8 foot x 48” wide (set)
88 gallons
833 pounds total

6' tanks offered in 20" and 24" tank widths for 40" and 48" between wheel wells in truck bed
6.5' and 8' tanks offered in 24" tank widths for 48" of space between wheel wells in truck bed

Water Mate Product Highlight Video

From one of the SEMA Spring Shows in Atlanta, GA; The Water-Mates and Weight-Mates were featured on the Outdoor Channels coverage of the Spring SEMA show!

Water Mate/Weight Mate Product Installation Video

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Water Mate Tanks 'An Off Road Oasis'

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Drinking Water PIck Up Truck Tanks, Fresh Water for Camping, Inclement Weather Ballast, Truck Traction, Pick Up Truck Traction


Water PIck Up Truck Tanks, Fresh Water for Camping, Inclement Weather Ballast, Truck Traction, Pick Up Truck Traction