Rotational Molding
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Rotational Molding

What is Rotomolding or Rotational Molding?

Rotational Molding is one of many plastics manufacturing processes producing extremely durable parts and components with a very long usable lifespan. Rotational Molding, also known as rotomolding or rotocasting is a thermoplastic process for producing parts that was developed in the 20th century, gaining much industrial traction in the 1960's. It has began growing immensely in popularity and functionality, thus growing in a larger demand in some industries in comparison to other plastics processes such as plastic injection molding, thermoforming or blow molding in some aspects. The rotational molding process is preferred over many other plastics manufacturing processes because of it's ability to manufacture durable, complex hollow products, which are virtually impossible to manufacture using the other processes.

The Rotational Molding process provides a number of advantages including cost effectiveness, quality finishing, little to no size limitations and the fact that it is considered eco-friendly in many aspects due to its ability to recycle and re-use materials easily and readily.

With Granger Plastics Company, you will find an American industry leader and rotomolding authority with extensive and specialized experience with complex products and a company offering a complete set of secondary services including trim, assembly, foam filling, packaging, drop shipping, material conversion from less durable materials to polyethylene and more. Granger Plastics can also provide engineering and rotational molding design expertise that can aide in bringing your products to market faster or can help determine if the rotational molding process is right for your project! Granger’s in house tooling and metals shop helps provide complete industry leading solutions by offering in-house fabrication of Molds for Rotational Molding and the ability to repair or modify tooling in house, without delaying production to ship tooling across the country for repair or modifications! Learn more across the links below for additional Rotational Molding Information.

Rotational Molding, Rotomolding
Mold in the Cooling Chamber in the Rotatonal Molding Process

Rotational Molding Information

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  • What exactly is Rotomolding? Do you know what makes this very specialized process so different from other types of plastic manufacturing? What kind of products can be made from this process and with what materials? What advantages do rotationally molded parts have? What does a roto-molding facility and the machinery used to manufacture by this process look like? This short video will introduce you to rotational molding and give you a crash course into the stages and steps a part goes through to be manufactured in this way. Click on the video below to learn!

    “What is the Rotational Molding Process?”
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